Keeping the Lines of Communication Open Anytime, Anywhere

Our oldest two kids have been out of the house for 5 and 3 years respectively. I don't have texting, so they're forced to communicate the old-fashioned way--smoke signals. I kid, no we have to talk. Sometimes we Facetime, and sometimes just via phone.

Our family is super close-knit. Not weird or inbred or anything. Well, I tell a lie, we are a little outside the box, but in a fun, eccentric way. Just not weird like that. Anyway, I always say the kids channel each other. Because whenever one out of the house kid calls, the other OOTH kid will too. Sometimes at the same time. They know I am available to them anytime, anywhere. I may have to call back, but unless it's unavoidable I will stop what I am doing to talk. Keeping the lines of communication open is my most important mom-job. My Oldest Two Kids Always Call on the Same Day


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