Super Bowl Sunday: How to tackle weight loss at halftime appetizers buffet

Are you trying to lose weight? Then you know that holidays, festivals and parties are kryptonite to weight loss. Take Super Bowl Sunday [VIDEO] with the halftime appetizer buffets--it's almost impossible to avoid overindulging. And two out of three Americans do too much of that already. It didn't take the TLC show "My 600-lb Life [VIDEO]" to prove that obesity is out of control. If diet is part of your game plan, there are ways to tackle food blowouts, based on TLC's bariatric surgery show and Mama June's weight loss #Reality TV show. Super Bowl Sunday: How to tackle weight loss at halftime appetizers buffet

'My 600-lb Life' Weight Loss Tips: Essential diet hacks to nail New Year goals

Are you having trouble losing weight no matter what you try? It could be because you're missing a few basic ingredients to weight loss. Here are easy but essential diet hacks inspired by Celebrities on Reality TV shows "My 600-lb Life" and Honey Boo Boo's "Mama June: From Not to Hot." Reports by TLC and MSN provided information for this article.   'My 600-lb Life' Weight Loss Tips: Essential diet hacks to nail New Year goals

Low-Carb, breadless, gluten-free stuffing Recipes for Weight Loss at Christmas,Thanksgiving

"To baste is human, to stuff is divine." That should be the motto of Thanksgiving. But how about if you're on a gluten-free diet? What if you've had bariatric surgery like those on TLC "My 600-lb Life" and have to eat low-carb? How can you enjoy stuffing with visions of weight loss [VIDEO] stuffed in your head? Good news: here are carb-free dressings and breadless stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  'My 600-lb Life' Low-Carb Weight Loss: Christmas,Thanksgiving stuffing recipes

Frankenstein Friday Halloween party planner: Frankly monstrous howliday boo bash

Some people are never satisfied! As if the Halloween freak fest wasn't enough, a few folks thought they needed more spookytastic frolics. So they dubbed the Friday before Halloween, Frankenstein Friday. Evidently they felt the good doctor and his monster needed their own gig.

Well, no point in letting a perfectly good howliday go to waste. Here's a Frankenstein Friday party planner. Scare up a kid-friendly Frankenstein boo-yah-palooza bash. Or screw up your courage and throw a frankly monstrous adults-only monster mash.

Play "Pin the Bolt on the Monster" by printing your favorite Frankenstein monster image. Perhaps you prefer the Boris Karloff one? Or maybe you like Frankenweenie? You might print Frankenberry or a generic Frankenstein monster image. Here are free printable Frankenstein images to choose from. These make great Halloween masks too. Enlarge the image and attach to wall. Cut out bolt shapes from gray cardboard. Add a loop of tape to the back (to prevent damage to walls from pins). Let guests try to get bolts on Frank's neck. The adults-only Frankenstein Friday version could be drinking game. The winner gets a Mad Scientist Molotov Cocktail (see recipe below).

Watch a version of Frankenstein movie. Look for "Victor Frankenstein" (2015), "I, Frankenstein" (Aaron Eckhart) or dig up the original Boris Karloff. For a funny twist, you might like the Peter Boyle (yes, Frank, from "Everybody Loves Raymond") version of the monster in "Young Frankenstein." Oldschoolers will recall Michael Sarazin's 1973 interpretation in "Frankenstein: The True Story." (He was so hot? What happened?). Some might be too scary for kids, so pick a classic Halloween comedy like "Abbot and Costello Meet the Monster." Adults-only Frankenstein Friday party guests could watch "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" with Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter or the remake with I forget who.

Have party guests dress up as monsters for Frankenstein Friday. Award prizes for the most creative monster costumes. Dance the Monster Mash. Have guests make up funny Frankenstein monster dances.
Make a Frankenstein monster themed party snacks buffet. Serve a green fruits and veggies tray with
sliced green kiwi (for eyes), celery sticks (monster's fingers), green pepper strips (skin), broccoli (brains) and guacamole dip (Frankenstein guts). Make green milkshakes with mint chip ice cream. Color Rice Krispie Treats green. Shape in cylinders. Melt chocolate and dip for hair. Make eyes, mouth and bolts from Runts candies. Make monster pizzas. Give each guest a small pizza crust. Let them create their own monster faces from pizza toppings.

Mix up Mad Scientist Molotov Cocktails (non-alcoholic for kids' parties of course). Mix Mountain Dew, limeade, green Hi-C or Kool-Aid, lime slices and lime sherbet. For alcoholic punch, add vodka or Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila. Or make Monster Mojitos: mix green creme de menthe, soda water, rum or gin and add lime slices as garnishes. And for a swizzle stick? Why a wrench of course! Your Halloween party guests will go mad for them. For more Halloween fun visit Halloween Harvest October and DIY Party Planner

Shopping apps to save money on back to school, groceries, Christmas and year-round

One of the biggest parental worries in fall is the cost of back to school supplies, school clothes, etc. And that's a legit fear: the average parent spent $650 per student on back to school shopping in 2014. Here are shopping apps to save money on back to school shopping. You can earn rewards on all your spending: groceries, clothing, school supplies, Christmas, etc., with these shopping apps. Make your money multitask!

Swagbucks is the best online rewards program ever. Download the app and start earning points doing things you already do online anyway. Why shop, play games, search, read articles and watch videos for free when you can get paid to?

Bing Rewards (or Microsoft Rewards) is another good search and earn app. Use points for gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, Target, Paypal or other places. Amazon gift cards snagged me a $129 Columbia backpack for $21 and free shipping.

Want to earn money back on stuff you already buy? Try Ibotta or Checkout 51. Save money on school lunch supplies, snack foods, groceries, school supplies, etc. Get apps at the Apple Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. My oldest saves bank with stacking coupons, plus rewards!

Need an app to comparison shop for you? Try Walmart Savings Catcher. Get money back if Savings Catcher finds a cheaper deal on Walmart purchases elsewhere.

Get online coupon codes and printable coupons from Retail Me Not. Use this app to get coupon codes for restaurants, clothing stores, electronics, shoes, tools--anything you need! Don't shop before you check here! Retail Me Not saved $25 off the purchase of $80 Sperry school shoes.

Shopkick is the funnest (that's a word) shopping experience ever! Install the app on iPhone or Android. Earn points just for walking into stores! Scan product barcodes to earn more. Buy products and earn even more!

Customer loyalty card apps and credit card rewards programs. Most big box stores have some kind of store loyalty card. Target RedCard gets 5% back on purchases and Target Cartwheel offers perks and rewards.

Sears Shop Your Way earns cashback on purchases. Meijer mPerks saves by giving rewards and loading coupons. Discover offers high rewards on categories: September rewards are on back to school shopping. Do the math and pay with the card that gives you the highest cashback on specific purchases.

Duggar family 'Counting On' season 3 summer 2017, so who's pregnant or getting married?

TLC promised a new season of "Counting On" coming in the summer 2017. The reality television channel will visit Ben, Jessa Seewald and their new baby, Derick and Jill Dillard, and Joy-Anna #Duggar and Austin Forsyth as they plan their wedding. There are also hints about newlywed Jinger Duggar Vuolo and cousin Amy Duggar-King. Another big question is whether or not Josh Duggar will return with his pregnant wife Anna.  Duggar family 'Counting On' season 3 in the summer of 2017?

Mama June shares failed 'From Not to Hot' weight-loss, plastic surgery, boob job

Uh-oh, the promised "From Not to Hot" transformation of Mama June Shannon may not happen. The "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star's weight-loss has stopped and that will derail skin removal plastic surgery and a breast implant procedure. But worst of all, June's afraid she'll look like a fool at her ex "Sugar Bear" Mike Thompson's wedding. Will Sugar Bear and his body-shaming wife Jennifer Lamb get the last laugh? Can Shannon figure out what's causing weight gain, fix it, and get that tummy tuck and boob job?   Mama June shares failed 'From Not to Hot' weight-loss, plastic surgery, boob job

Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo 'Counting On' birth control for family planning?

If reality TV had a cutest couple contest, Jinger #Duggar Vuolo and her husband Jeremy Vuolo would win it. The newest duet from "Counting On" discussed family planning and for all their charm, they have baffling ideas on kids. It sounded like Pastor Jeremy said they would use birth control because they plan to delay pregnancy awhile. Then son-in-law of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar further confused afterwards by saying they were letting God lead. Can you put God in charge and put off kids? Isn't birth control not only to limit children but also to have as many kids as possible?  Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo 'Counting On' birth control for family planning?

Morbidly obese Mathilde Broberg models after 134-lb weight loss, teaspoon diet

A morbidly obese Danish woman is now a model, personal trainer and fitness guru after a stunning 126-lb weight loss. Mathilde Broberg used two simple, yet effective tools to manage calorie counting and portion control. Broberg's had plastic surgery but only got a tummy tuck after doing the work to shed the obesity. Here's more on how the 20-year-old lost half her body weight.   Morbidly obese Mathilde Broberg models after 134-lb weight loss, teaspoon diet

Fergie rocks weight loss, 'Fergalicious' body: how does Black Eyed Peas singer juggle motherhood and sexy at 41?

How does Fergie do it? At 41, the frontwoman for The Black Eyed Peas is hotter and trimmer than ever. The "Fergalicious" rapper was snapped on the beach recently sporting an itty-bitty string bikini. And even in motherhood and attachment parenting, Stephanie Ferguson manages to maintain her pregnancy weight loss. She shared the secret, and it might make you rethink diet and exercise.   Fergie rocks weight loss, 'Fergalicious' body: how Black Eyed Peas singer stays sexy at 41


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