Keep Kids Busy With Free Holiday and Christmas Printables

Christmas break is really nice. Fa-la-la-la and all that. But to the busy work at home parent, it means more work in an already busy season. So you need printable crafts to keep kids occupied. Go to They have Christmas crafts, printables, games, Disney stuff. More than I could ever list. To find the free printable crafts on Spoonful, go to the middle "Create-Art, Crafts & Inspiration" tab and look for "printables." Activities are cross-referenced by kind: paper crafts (greeting cards, cut and paste, 3D, templates and patterns, origami, paper dolls), games and puzzles, coloring pages, planners and calendars, Disney crafts, holiday, kids bedroom and party decorations, keepsakes and scrapbooking plus more.  Free Disney Printables from Family Fun New Site Spoonful


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