How to Clean Up the House in a Hurry!

Realtor's Guide to Quick Household Clean-up Clean the house in 10 fast easy steps with this guide. Written from the perspective of one who has readied many houses for realtor showings. Use this super-fast cleanup guide any time you need to get the house in shape quick. Use these quick tidy-ups when you're out of energy but still want a semi-clean environment. I do these when I walk into a mess, I'm on empty and ready to blow. Trust me, the family jumps in fast to help. If mama ain't happy I WILL make sure no one else is either! View more »


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Freelance writer, Top 100 Yahoo! Voices, Yahoo! News, Shine, Michigan, Detroit), blogger, teacher, mom of 4, happily married 25 years. Graduated GVSU 1986, psychology/general education and special education. continuing ed up to present. Certified MI teacher. Writing Michigan history mystery, children's Gothic fantasy. Areas of expertise: education, relationships, mental health, nutrition, history, world cultures. Passions: faith, Catholic church, sustainable living, interfaith initiatives, living simply that others might simply live. Working on MA in EI education. 

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